Back on Track 2024 - 3Hours Techno/TechHouse/Trance

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After a break this was my first mix I made this year in March.

This mix is dedicated to Bruce Lee, hero who inspired millions worldwide until today.
His Legacy will remain forever.

Intro: Countdown
Sanguiliano & DeWitte - Age of Love 2023
Bengal - Hidden Empire
Kaufmann - IBU 3000
Yan Oxigin - Orionis
Thope - 142
Gavin Rochford - Patience
Camile - Molekular
Robert Hood - Ignite a war
Rocko Garoni - Valentin
Sozze - Between shadows Remix
Bastet & rommo - Sonar
DSV1 - Black Russian
Paul Kalkbrenner - Schwer
Kaspar - Lost
Break: Johann Sebastian Bach -Toccata & Fugue in D Minor
Insider - Something Flash
Mr. Fingers - Can you feel it
Dustin Zahn - Danger to stability
Kaufmann - IBU 3000
Dominik Schwarz - Black Hour
Helmut Kraft - Pixelized Faces
HussHouse - Slay
Rocko Garoni - Detection
Spacefood - Zinger
Wesley Martins - Avoid the spikes
Confidential Recipe - TUUL2
Khainz - Polygon
Dominik Schwarz - Nightshift
Thomas Schumacher - Strip Silence
HOF - Dark Passenger
Rick Pier O´Neil - Substance
Dominik Schwarz - The End is nigh
Krankbrother - Circular Thing
Thomas Schumacher - ADHS
Rafael Cerato - Step on the Lead

If you have any issues with this video, please let me know first.
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