Bass Drum Slide Technique For Double Strokes

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Filmed, recorded and performed by Luke Oswald

In this drum lesson, I provide an overview of my technique for playing quick bass drum doubles with one foot.
We discuss heel up technique, and I explain how to utilize the “slide” technique for quick doubles with one foot. I also discuss how the slide technique can be used to produce a constant flow of singles, as can be seen by drummers such as Tony Royster Jr. and Jojo Mayer.

We will be discussing all aspects of my bass drum technique within the “Bass Drum Exercises – Core Curriculum Series“, which will be released on March 9th:

This series will cover various techniques for playing singles, doubles, 3’s, 4’s and 5’s with one foot.

We will discuss how to develop control and endurance with your feet in order to play at any tempo.

We will break down the “slide” technique in far more detail and will discuss how several different versions of the “slide” technique can be utilized for various playing styles and speeds.
We will discuss “duple-doubles” vs. “triplet-doubles”, and will cover various double-bass exercises that will provide a foundation for our extensive “Double-Bass Drum Lessons Series”, which will be released later this year.

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