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Last uplifting journey this summer is fully packed with driving bass lines and catchy melodies but for the long time we have an emotional intro start for our next episode. Here is the Best of Uplifting Trance released in August 2023 in one hour mix compilation.


01. [00:01] Kohta Imafuku & Ryota Arai - Orion Street (Intro Mix)
02. [05:34] Cloudriver - Stoneflower (Extended Mix)
03. [10:40] Allen Watts - Spectral (Extended Mix)
04. [15:32] Fabio Franco - Undark (Extended Mix)
05. [20:38] Diarent - Eternity (Extended Mix)
06. [26:22] Ed Sánchez - Magenta (Original Mix)
07. [31:38] Speed DJ - Reload (Extended Mix)
08. [37:20] DJ Spacig - Space (Extended Mix)
09. [41:00] Kenny McAuley - Open Your Mind (Extended Mix)
10. [44:43] M42 - San Antonio (Extended Mix)
11. [50:53] Sergey Salekhov - Magic Runa (Extended Mix)
12. [56:22] Paul Clark (UK) & Paul Skelton - Halcyon (Extended Mix)
13. [1:01:52] Ed Sánchez - Moonbow (Extended Mix)

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