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We start this episode with the most emotional story this year, as in the first tune Christina Novelli sing "Well nothing's been the same, Since you went away, You took my heart, And I can't stand it" followed by Ciaran McAuley and Émilie Rachel with her unique style of voice "I just gotta move on" and when Christina continues "I guess you never really know what you got till it's gone" A.R.D.I. with Milley say's to the end "I'm sorry". I always love this about vocal trance, you can actually put together the whole story with the tunes and sometimes you can already see it from the titles.

Anyway, after these first love tunes we got some remixes and catchy melodies coming and at the end we even go to the space as Aurosonic, Denis Karpinskiy and Marie Mauri makes tribute to the brave Mars rover "Curiosity". A tiny spark in the dark, endless space, she had an important mission to complete. So guys, here is the Best of Vocal Trance released in February 2023.


01. [00:01] Paul Oakenfold x Nat Monday x Christina Novelli - Say You're Mine (Extended Mix)
02. [05:49] Ciaran McAuley & Émilie Rachel - Move On (Extended Mix)
03. [11:19] Richard Durand & Christina Novelli - Fall Through The Earth (Extended Mix)
04. [17:30] A.R.D.I. Feat. Milley - Better (Extended Mix)
05. [22:23] Maratone & Saphron & Hardcode - Walk Through Shadows (Jimmy Chou Extended Remix)
06. [27:46] Michael Angelo - Complete (Extended Mix)
07. [31:42] NyTiGen & Ria Joyse - Enlightened (Extended Mix)
08. [36:35] John O'Callaghan Ft. Josie - Out Of Nowhere (Connor Woodford Extended Remix)
09. [42:06] Lisa Louder Feat. Jodie Poye - Safe Place (Craig Connelly Extended Remix)
10. [48:03] Greg Oakland feat. Tara Louise - Never Temporary (Extended Mix)
11. [53:32] Bryn Whiting Feat. Elle Mariachi - Found (Extended Mix)
12. [1:00:10] Aurosonic & Denis Karpinskiy & Marie Mauri - Tribute To Curiosity (Damian Wasse & Dmitry Chelnokov Remix)
13. [1:05:54] Jody 6 - You Make Me Feel Alive (Extended Mix)

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