[Drum And Bass] ESKR - Terraform (Boomslang)

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In a dystopian future where the mega corporations have enslaved the people of the earth and most of the world's resources have been completely harvested, one man fights to end the injustice and greed before there's nothing left but a lifeless planet. His name has been banned and outlawed; To speak it is punishable by death, yet the stories are told like folklore, delivering hope where there once was none. "ESKR", they speak his moniker only in whispers, he is the only thing left that stands between freedom and complete annihilation. The "Terraform EP" is dark and grueling epic of one man's mission to save us all before it's too late. Join the journey through magnificent neuro bassline sounds, grinding techstep synths, and apocalyptic drum work... "ESKR", they speak his moniker only in whispers.

Drum And Bass Music by Albuquerque DJ and artist ESKR with releases on labels Play Me, Grand Theft Audio, Boomslang and more!

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