Eli Fola - Live @ Radio Intense Lisbon, Portugal 24.5.2023 / Afro House & Melodic House DJ Mix 4K

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Experience the electrifying fusion of Afro House beats and soulful saxophone melodies as Eli Fola mesmerizes with his captivating performance in Lisbon.
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Eli Fola:

Video Produced In Lisbon by @vcreative_

Fiona Kraft - Deeper Feelings (Manoo The Dub/Piano Interpreation)
Eli Fola - Glory Daze
Neba Solo, Bayaka (IT) & Moblack - Can 2002 (Bayaka, Moblack Remix)
Sebjak & Fahlberg - New Dimension
Leo Guardo - Niamini (Enoo Napa Dubstrumental)
Keene - Woe Misik
Eli Fola - Ascend
Blindsmyth - Remember The Days (Floyd Lavine Remix)
Eelke Kleijn - The Calling (Extended Mix)
Eli Fola - Celestial
InQfive - Isizathu (Imp5 Afro Mix)
Helsloot - Let’s Pretend (Tube & Berger Remix)
Eli Fola - Agogo
Ida Engberg & David West - Abataka (Magdalena Remix)

Radio Intense:

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Welcome to an electrifying musical journey as Eli Fola takes you on a mesmerizing Afro House DJ mix infused with the soulful sounds of his saxophone, live from the vibrant streets of Lisbon. Get ready to experience the perfect blend of infectious rhythms, hypnotic beats, and soul-stirring melodies, all crafted to transport you to a world of euphoria.

In this captivating performance, Eli Fola, renowned for his mastery of blending genres and his unique saxophone skills, unleashes his creative prowess to curate an unforgettable set. Immerse yourself in the infectious energy of Afro House, a genre that effortlessly fuses traditional African rhythms with contemporary electronic elements, creating an irresistible dancefloor vibe.

As the sun sets over the picturesque city of Lisbon, Eli Fola takes center stage, channeling his boundless energy into a seamless mix that seamlessly blends tracks from both established and emerging artists in the Afro House scene. Feel the pulse of the music as the saxophone weaves in and out, injecting soulful melodies and improvisations, adding a touch of raw emotion to every beat.

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