Her adorably renovated Mushroom Tiny House - Barbie meets fairytale!

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Meet Mallory, a 20-something living in a quirky tiny house on foundation built in the 1930's-- "Mal's Mushroom House". It's a not-so-tiny 500 sqft cobblestone home with whimsical flair & big-time Barbie vibes. She adorably renovated it with easy DIY upgrades, mural painting, accent walls & small space storage solutions. Surprisingly, she has a huge walk-in closet--perfect for the fashion lover! Her small home wasn't cheap, thanks to the realities of today's housing market, BUT it's more affordable than the average home in Wisconsin ($200k less!).

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❇️ produced & edited by Tiny House Expedition's Christian & Alexis
❇️ shot by Kyle Havlicek, https://www.staygoldvisuals.com
❇️ extra photos from the tiny homeowner, https://www.instagram.com/malloryrankin

Video Chapters:
0:00 - Mal's Mushroom House
1:41 - exterior tiny house lot
2:45 - interior tiny house
3:05 - tiny kitchen
3:53 - small space bathroom
4:40 - creating fairytale Barbie house
5:25 - cute cozy living room
6:58 - standing loft bedroom
8:46 - tiny house on foundation cost
9:36 - humbling simple lifestyle
10:05 - hello from Alexis & Christian

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