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Global #pushback against the #ChineseCommunistParty: Beijing warns U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy not to visit Taiwan. In Europe, the Czech Republic's House speaker plans to visit Taiwan, too. Back in the United States, a bill aims to prevent American reserve oil from getting sold to China, while some lawmakers are rooting out foreign influence in U.S. schools. And in the Indo-Pacific, alliances with the United States are getting stronger.

00:00 Intro
00:45 House Speaker Responds to China Over Taiwan Visit
02:10 Taiwan House Speaker Calls China's Opposition 'Standard Operating Procedure'
02:50 Bill Aims to Protect U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve Would Ban Sale of Oil Reserves to China
04:39 DOD Asked to Probe Private Schools for China Ownership
06:33 U.S. Senator Asks Apple, Google for TikTok Ban
07:19 Canadian Lawmakers Back Resettlement for Uyghurs
08:25 U.S. Secures Deal on Philippine Bases to Counter CCP
10:28 NATO Chief Warns of Chinese Military Build-Up
12:22 Australia, UK Ministers Hold Bilateral Talks
13:55 Former Shanghai Bookseller's Wife Hit With 'Exit Ban'
15:43 China, U.S. Tracking New Omicron Strain ‘Orthrus'

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