How to Make TRANCE Music (Step by Step) – FREE Ableton Project & Samples! ????

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Learn how to make Trance Music in Ableton Live in the style of @PaulvanDyk in this Trance Music tutorial.

In this step-by-step Trance Music production tutorial, I use the stock plugins that come with @Ableton Live 11, and you can download it for free and play ’til your little heart’s content – breaking apart my methods and using them yourself.

Many thanks to James from @F9Audio for the superb Argon Kick Pack he sent me! You can check it out here, and enjoy some of the best produced kicks I’ve ever used:

Shout out to my Accelerator student, HATTRICK, who’s new track - Chancery - just got supported by the mighty Paul van Dyk. Listen here and support if you dig:

Learn how to produce chart-topping electronic dance music and make money from it in a matter of weeks not years.

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If you’ve ever wondered how to make music like Paul van Dyk, this will give you an insight into how to achieve similar results.

This isn’t only a tutorial on how to make Trance Music in Ableton Live, though…you can use the same methods in FL Studio or Logic X, to produce your own house music in the style of Paul van Dyk and other Trance Music artists.

In this tutorial, we cover…

00:00 - How to produce trance from scratch
01:04 - F9 Audio Kick
01:32 - Main Bass
03:01 - Wiggle Bass
04:30 - Sidechain Compression
05:59 - Clap
07:56 - Setting up room reverb
08:29 - Hi hats
09:52 - Adding movement for hats
10:55 - Synth riff (Feels 1.0)
14:34 - Reverb & Delay
17:13 - Bass Progression
19:20 - Chord progression (Non-epic)
23:20 - Spicing up the melody
24:05 - Drop bass
28:20 - Tonal percussion & movement
30:16 - Ride cymbal
32:07 - Filtered Bass
34:37 - Chord Progression (EPIC!)
36:14 - Vocals from Splice (
39:02 - Break bass
41:10 - Break melody
42:28 - Manual Vocal Delays
44:41 - Arrangement
47:08 - Final Result

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Gear I use in this video…

???? My Audio Gear:
Headphones 1:
Headphones 2:
Audio Interface:
MIDI Keyboard 1:
MIDI Keyboard 2:
Microphone 1:
Microphone 2:

???? Discounted Plugin Deals:

???? …And some of my Favourite Software…

???? Vocal Processing (I use all of these):
Celemony Melodyne:
Antares Autotune:
Waves CLA Vocals:

???? My ENTIRE Music and Video Equipment:

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Cheers, and happy producing!


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