I Built Your DUMB IDEAS in Minecraft Hardcore!

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I Built your Stupid Ideas in hardcore minecraft!???? Get a browser that’s literally better at everything: https://operagx.gg/LockDownLife Sponsored by Opera GX!

I got some of the craziest comment build suggestions and built them all within my 1.19 minecraft hardcore world! And to make it more interesting at the end of the video my favourite idea will win $200 and a custom rank on my discord server!

Btw your ideas aren't stupid, it's just a better video title lol. Some of these ideas were actually really cool and I might even do a part 2 if you guys want to see it.

Idea and thumbnail inspired by @Fundy
Might change the current thumbnail as it is very similar to his thumbnails, but rn I'm away from my PC

Watch from the start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CplCUyiI3c&list=PLuP1FCJ1ukL5qTks7ziukaGsjckRnROGV
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This Hardcore Minecraft series is inspired by Wadzee, Sandiction and aCookieGod. Instead of being Wadzee, Sandiction and aCookieGod, this series is similar to a Minecraft challenge video but it is Minecraft Hardcore! This is just like my 100 days videos but better!

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