I Rebuilt the NETHER in Minecraft Hardcore

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I Transformed the Overworld into the Nether in Minecraft Hardcore today.
Or rather, I Recreated it.

This is episode 10 of the series! So far I've transformed the biggest cave, rebuilt every biome, and even collected every block.

⚠️Watch from EPISODE 1 if you haven't already! ⚠️


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World Seed: 6218651098449780159
The cave is at about -1000 / 0

Texture Pack: https://vanillatweaks.net/share#y3BVur

???? Music ????

* I do not own any of the songs used in this video, the majority of the music is from www.epidemicsound.com and incompetech.com *

This series is inspired mainly by Wadzee and aCookieGod. Maybe Sandiction as well. In this Hardcore world, I'm planning to complete lots of challenges and mega builds and transform many things. I've now built a Mega Base and a biome museum as well!

???? Once again. Thank you so much for watching the video and if you're reading this have an absolutely AMAZING day! ????
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