Melodic Emotional Trance 2024 Mix DJ Sounlanne - #SSOT Special Mix For Valentine's Day

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????welcome to the new edition of my radio show episode Spirit Sounds Of Trance #SSOT Special Mix For Valentine's Day

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0:00 #ROMANTICTRANCE : DreamLife & SounEmot - Every Moment with You (Intro Mix)
4:25 #SADPIANOTRANCE : DreamLife & SounEmot - Cada Momento Junto a Ti (Emotional Mix)
10:32 #EMOTIONALTRANCE : LR Uplift & SounEmot - Cada Dia Contigo (Extended Mix)
16:52 #EMOTIONALTRANCE : Naki - Firmament (Cedric Paul & A L O N 3 L Y Remix)
23:21 #ORCHESTRALTRANCE : DreamLife & SounEmot - Aun Recuerdo Ese Dia (Extended Mix)
31:07 Kohta Imafuku & SounEmot - For You (Original Mix)
37:54 LR Uplift & SounEmot - I Miss The Moments With You (Emotional Mix)
43:39 SounEmot & Elissandro - Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte (Extended Mix)
51:39 #PIANOTRANCE : A L O N 3 L Y & Cedric Paul vs Daniel Rigoni - La oscuridad de tu corazón (Original Mix)
57:41 #ORCHESTRALTRANCE : DreamLife & SounEmot - Love Strings (Original Mix)

Immerse yourself in the passionate atmosphere of my Romantic Emotional Trance 2024 set, a special mix designed to elevate your emotions this Valentine's Day. Let the melodic chords and romantic vibes envelop you, creating a sonic journey that captures the essence of love and emotional connection. With carefully selected tracks and emotive arrangements, this unique listening experience is destined to be the perfect soundtrack for your Valentine's Day celebration, fusing the magic of trance with the emotionality of romance.

Genre : Orchestral Trance | Uplifting 2024 | Epic Trance | Melodic Trance | Vocal Trance | Trance | Classic Trance | Piano Trance | Emotional Trance | heartstrings harmonies
Trance vocal
uplifting trance, female vocal trance, vocal trance
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