NeuroWulf - Gravity Clutch

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Written / Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by Wulf
Cover by N▲I T / Wulf / 0101
Video by N▲I T

Welcome to the fifth NeuroWulf album 'Arcadia'!

Ten tracks of pure dance-floor heavy hitters containing everything from uplifting trance to dark techno with some other spices on top.
This one acts as a bridge between two really complicated albums, Neurotech 'Symphonies II' and upcoming NeuroAxis 'Moonquakes' which will be released by the end of this year.

Hope you'll enjoy it!

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Slovenian composer / producer Wulf is:

NeuroAxis [ambient / downtempo]

Neurotech [metal / electronic]

NeuroWulf [trance / futurepop]

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