The Doppler Effect & Carol Lee - Beauty Hides In The Deep (James Dymond Remix) Extended

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Next up here on Amsterdam Trance Records, James Dymond lends his incredible remix skills here on The Doppler Effect & Carol Lee's classic 'Beauty Hides In The Deep'. Pure Vocal Trance bliss!

Enjoy and PLAY LOUD!




Just before dawn comes
Sadness is on
Just one more moment
And I am leaving

Few words on a small note
While you are asleep
I can only steal away
That's how I tend to be

There are things I never get to say
The fear in me always in the way
A broken heart never mended
A hurt I can never forget

A little pearl
Locked in a shell
Can not explain
Each breath I'm taking

Can not find the means to an end
To move create one liberated moment

Beauty hides in the deep
Beauty hides in the deep
But it's so hard to find
Being wrapped up inside

I always wonder
Why don't I feel
What the world out there is like
And how I can fit in

I don't expect you to know me
Or how I lost all my dreams
When I can't even find myself
In the choices I made

I want you to know
I'll never forget you
I want you to know
I'll never forget you

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