The Green Council Blisstake — House of the Dragon Episode 9

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just taking my dragon for a walk

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0:00 hi
0:46 let's talk about the plot?
7:19 rhaenys
14:46 feet pics
16:50 the one-second chapter i put in for no reason
16:51 drip-feeding the audience my music degree
19:00 king's dead bro
24:29 guess we should find aegon
26:58 the great escape
27:49 a normal thing
29:37 every vowel at the same time
32:02 girlboss revolution
34:04 take me to snept
35:01 alicent wins
36:10 alicent loses
37:18 balerion
38:49 coronation preparation
44:23 meleys
45:58 conclusion
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