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Vocal Trance I Uplifting Trance | Progressive Trance | Trance Music Episode 126.
Open mix label Reaching Altitude, Strap in and get ready for the onslaught! Label boss and all round legend MaRLo joins forces with stablemates Avao for the hard hitting, peaktime anthem Break Through The Ground. Heaviness abounds from the first kick in this monster! Epic vocals, soaring synths, bone crushing bass, and enough manic energy to power you through to daybreak! This tune slaps! Get on it and bear witness to masters of their crafts spreading their magic. Having been huge fans of Jamie's uplifting outputs through the years on Vandit, Subculture, Outburst and more. We were thrilled when he dropped this harder approach to his usual sound into our demo box. The melody is right up there with his finest hour 'Boulevard', super-cool bit-crushes, increased tempo, a surprise drop, lashings of raucous acid and a memorable singalong vocal hook for the festivals this summer! We look forward to your reactions on this exciting label debut. Label FSOE present Tempo Giusto - Braveheart, Hailing from Finland, Tempo Giusto has been a name who has injected a fresh take on tech trance with his trademark sound. After a string of quality releases including a collaboration with Armin van Buuren, we're delighted to welcome Tuomas on to the main imprint with his fantastic new record 'Braveheart'. Progressive Vocal Trance... Is there anything better? Suncatcher & Exolight combine their considerable talents for a true beauty. 'Water Colour Memories' captures everything we love about the genre: Epic hooks, angelic vocals and those hands in the air moments.
Kiyoi & Eky together with Ade DokQ & Angel Falls comes back to Suanda with a new single 'Away From Home'. Next to the top of the food pyramid is Chris H. 'Endorphine' pushes into your head like a earworm,which increases 10 more limbs with each step to accelerate it's way to the listener's brain block, where the word TRANCE reads on the door. It's time for another debut on our main label, and this time we welcome Emanuele Congeddu into the family, with the beautiful uplifter Stellar 111. In equal measures atmospheric and powerful, this is trance music for the melodic mind. A massive hands in the air track that is goosebump certified.
Interplay Records present Like a sound storm 'Let You Out' is rushing into our space! Fully packed by the energy, brightest vibes, true uplifting melody, and high emotional vocals by Gid Sedgwick, this new single by Hit The Bass bringing the absolutely incredible vibes! But this box would be incomplete without the powerful remix by Taygeto, which brings the energy level to the red, and you can resist.
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00:00 Intro
00:28 MaRLo & Avao feat. Maikki - Break Through The Ground
03:42 Metta & Glyde - Cynosure
08:02 Jamie Walker - One More Time
11:04 Armin van Buuren & R3HAB feat. Simon Ward - Love We Lost
13:23 Tempo Giusto - Braveheart
17:28 Jamie Walker - Harmony
22:48 Suncatcher & Exolight - Water Colour Memories
27:54 Alex Leavon & Cynthia Hall – Paper Kites
32:16 Kiyoi & Eky, Ade DokQ & Angel Falls - Away From Home
37:23 Chris H. - Endorphine
43:26 Angelus - On Fire
48:10 Emanuele Congeddu - Stellar 111
54:18 Hit The Bass & Gid Sedgwick - Let You Out
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